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Fire Extinguisher Training

Each year in Canada there are over 2,500 injuries and over 300 deaths resulting from fires.

The Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners reported over 53,500 fires Canada-wide in 2002 which resulted in approximately $1.4 billion in losses (CCFM/FC 2002 Annual Report).

Are the employees in your company trained to safely and effectively respond in the case of a fire?

At Riverstar Fire Protection, we believe that it is possible to lower the statistics and prevent many injuries, deaths and losses with proper education and training.

We have designed an environmentally friendly hands-on fire extinguisher training course with the use of the BullExTM Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) to help prepare you and your employees in the case of a fire at your workplace.

Our qualified technicians provide high quality and innovative hands-on fire extinguisher training with the use of the BullExTM I.T.S. We provide students with the opportunity to experience and practice extinguishing varying levels of fires in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

The BullExTM I.T.S. is designed to sense where the user aims and sweeps a water SmartExtinguisherTM. The base unit simulates an open fire’s response to the fire extinguisher’s aim and motion.

For example, if the fire extinguisher operator does not sweep properly the flames will continue to grow. In comparison to conventional gas/diesel burning fire pan training with powder fire extinguishers, the BullExTM I.T.S. burns clean, leaves no residue or mess, and is fully controlled.

Riverstar Fire Protection offers two safe and clean on-site instruction and training courses:

• Course #1 – Hands-On Training

• Course #2 – Classroom Instruction & Hands-On Training

For More Information

Please contact us for further information on group training, quotations and available classes.

Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Extinguisher Training in Calgary
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